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    Who Is Steven Skelton?

    My Story

    On August 29th, 2019, my best friend’s wife rushed him to the hospital as he complained of chest pain. The doctors hurried him into surgery, but he didn’t make it. He was 50 years old.

    Eric Fix had the most magnificent mind I’ve come across in my life. His wit and wisdom were unmatched. I called him the “Sage of Soulard.” He was the kind of guy I could imagine sharing a bottle with Hemmingway or Oscar Wilde.

    At his core, he was a passionate believer in freedom. He thought highly of the founders, and of the constitution they crafted. He was saddened by how far our federal government had strayed from it. He lamented its encroachment upon our freedoms and its incessant war-making around the globe.

    For years during these conversations, he encouraged my desire to “someday” run for office. Lincoln spoke of a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Eric said that only works if people run for office. I agreed with him then, and I agree with him now.

    A month after Eric died, my mother passed away. The fragility of life further bull-horned its way into my thoughts, and the value of our limited time became paramount. The urgency of now sparked me to take drastic measures.

    I sought the counsel of family and friends and researched the process. I discovered a path to a Libertarian Party victory in the 1st Congressional district of Washington. So I put my consulting practice on hold and embarked on this campaign to win One Seat for Liberty.

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    The Platform

    The Democrat and Republican Regime in Washington DC is Irredeemable

    We must defend voluntary interaction and free-enterprise while suppressing oppressive government control

    The Democrat and Republican Regime in Washington DC is Irredeemable

    The reign of Democrat and Republican politicians in DC is irredeemable. We must stop electing them. Our nation must emancipate itself from these parties that have long abandoned responsible governance.

    We often hear our opinion class decry the government for not being able to “agree on what’s important” and “get things done!” We focus on the squabbles, the mud-slinging, the name-calling. We lament our “bitter partisan divide.”

    The truth is that Democrats and Republicans agree on just about everything that matters. Here are two examples of an unjust government that is supported overwhelmingly by both parties.

    Our military budget is eight-hundred-billion dollars per year. That is more than Russia, China, and the next 14 nations of the world combined to spend on their military.

    We are not at risk for military invasion! The world’s two most massive oceans surround us, and two friendly nations…neither of which is a world military power. There isn’t anything approaching a good reason to spend that kind of our GDP on the military! This spending is wholly indefensible and utterly absurd. It’s like living in San Diego and squandering a quarter of your budget on cold-weather gear.

    Before COVID-19, when times were good, Democrats and Republicans were spending more than a trillion dollars a year more than they took in. It didn’t matter who controlled the White House, Senate, or House; the spending bills passed with vast, bipartisan majorities.

    Both parties are so furiously printing and spending money that it is nearly impossible to keep up with the actual national debt. It’s somewhere around $24 trillion. That’s about $163k of debt per taxpayer. Our government owes $13 for every $1 that EXISTS IN CIRCULATION. Pile up every last bit of our currency, and we owe 13x that amount. 

    This malfeasance and mismanagement of government are wholly unsustainable and indefensible.

    Democrats and Republicans control the Congress that has made this mess. We must kick them out of office, and that begins with this campaign! #skelton2020

    We must deemphasize Washington DC to resolve our differences

    We must defend voluntary interaction and free-enterprise while suppressing oppressive government control

    The Democrat and Republican Regime in Washington DC is Irredeemable

    To resolve our blue-city / red-county differences, we must make the federal government less important and solve our state’s problems closer to home.

    The current regime leads us to believe our conflict is between the people in the red states and the people in the blue states, but it isn’t true.

    Most states look the same when viewed by the county. They have a blue dot in a sea of red. Whether or not a state is “blue” or “red” is a function of the population of the blue dot. Seattle/Tacoma is crowded enough, so Washington is Blue. Boise is not populous enough, so Idaho is red. 

    Our conflict is not between the interests of Washington vs. the interests of Idaho. The battle is between the interests of the people in Seattle and Boise versus the interests of the people in the less-populated counties. It is the security, safety, and collectivist interests of the densely packed people vs. the liberty, privacy, and freedom interests of those that live outstate. 

    Once we understand that, we see the absurdity of working these differences out at the federal level. The closer to home we work this stuff out, the more amicably we will be able to get along. Anything is better than Democrats and Republicans fighting it out in Washington for the right to impose their values and interests on everybody.

    The people of Chelan County can work it out with the people of King County in Olympia a whole lot better than all the red counties and all the blue counties trying to get along with laws from Washington DC.

    We must defend voluntary interaction and free-enterprise while suppressing oppressive government control

    We must defend voluntary interaction and free-enterprise while suppressing oppressive government control

    We must defend voluntary interaction and free-enterprise while suppressing oppressive government control

    Civilization, at its very essence, is the individuals cooperating toward a greater good. There are only two ways that individual citizens can cooperate—either voluntarily, or by force.

    Marxism—Civilization by force—has produced unparalleled misery for humanity. Twenty million died of starvation at the hands of Stalin. Mao killed 45 million the same way. Pol Pot killed 2 million. All told, Marxist governments were responsible for the murder or starvation of 100 million people in the 20th century.

    The truth is, neither perfect communism nor perfect capitalism exists. Still, whereas almost-communism has brought horrific mass death and suffering, almost-capitalism is the foundation of all of mankind’s wealth. 

    The free market and profit incentives are the closest things to a miracle that mankind has ever produced. Nothing has done more to ease human suffering around the globe. Nothing has done more to raise the standard of living of Americans.

    With capitalism, we have an excellent thing going here. According to the Foundation for Economic Education, in 1820, 94% of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty. As late as 1990, it was 34.8%. As of 2015...that number was in single digits. 

    We hear a lot of complaining about inequality—about millionaires and billionaires. The reality is that at every economic station, Americans today and others throughout the world live lives our grandparents couldn’t have dreamed of. The fruit of the free market has been a blessing to humanity.


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